Posted on Dec 12, 2018

Skateworks Project

Skateboarding is a way of seeing enabling Youth to redefine everything around them. The land on it’s own terms.
Skaters don’t see the foot path as foot paths, they don’t see streets as streets, they don’t see walls as walls. Everything has been redefined. All the other people in the world see these same elements completely differently. They see it as a place you walk, stairs as a way to descend to lower or ascend to higher level, a curb as the differentiation between street and path. Skateboarders relationship with the land is intuitive, creative and interpretive at it’s core.With Skateboarders it’s always about the potential. The possibilities of the terrain. This empowers Youth with the ability to redefine and if Youth can redefine their environment, they can redefine anything .The ability to reinterpret and integrate Elders teachings from the past to the present in a generationally relevant way brings the relationship with Country to the now, cementing it as an integral language within Aboriginal Youth that always stays with them throughout their lives.
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